Graphic Design Office, Los Angeles, CA

The client asked for open space revolving around the centerpiece of the office that was the conference room. All natural materials were used to enhance the loft characteristics and open planning allowed for a communal work place. Natural wood was used to enhance an organic modern feel and the use of skylights brought in natural light to open up an otherwise closed space.
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Design Merchants Clothing Design Studio, Santa Monica, CA

The previous use of this building was a machine shop. The owner desired an industrial setting so we incorporated dark wood, polished concrete, raw steel accents and plaster finishes to create a rich yet minimalist aesthetic. The contrast of soft tones and hard materials created a dynamic workspace.
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World Bank

This satellite office was designed to provide elegant workspaces with rich woods and natural light. We designed all primary pieces of furniture, including the conference table, and a “standing desk” for the president’s use. The banker’s love of sailing and the ocean lead to the use of teak and other exotic woods. The diving walls were separated with glass inserts to create a floating effect.
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